Kick Tipz

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Here are some "Tipz"

Here are some suggestions on how to use Kick Tipz stripes & tips with your students:

  • Stripe/Tip Testing
  • Curriculum Knowledge
  • Good Attitude in Class
  • Special Events (Tournaments, Training Workshops, etc.)
  • Student of the Month
  • Awards (best sparring, kicking, attitude, etc.)
What you can Expect:

1. Each tip or stripe is sweat and tear resistant (for the heavy duty Martial Arts performer)
2. Water resistant because of the special high gloss & shine laminate coating
3. Will last for the duration of your training
4. Ink is fade resistant, so you will be able to store old belts as memorabilia for future viewing
5. High tact adhesive for ultra performance and stability (stronger than electrical tape)
6. Kick Tipz comes in 250 tips or stripes per roll, easy to peel and put on your student’s belt with ease