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Operating a successful Martial Arts school is very detailed, and Student Management is very important. When your students come to train they should leave with a sense of accomplishment, but teaching great classes is not enough! Your students want to understand their progress and how to reach their goals. Only working on physical training will eventually lead your students to burn out. Receiving tips or stripes on their belt allows them to focus on their skills and attitude in class. When your students feel great about themselves it leads to upgrades, testing, special events, retail sales, and greater retention in your school, creating longevity in your business. Kick Tipz is the most effective way to measure progress and give rewards to your students for reaching their goals.


Monday, October 03, 2011

Dear Parents, How often do you tell your child to clean their room and they ignore it? How about when you ask them if their homework assignment is finished and they tell you "YES" but it's not done? It's a daily battle about responsibilities that their supposed to do that get on your last nerve, and I'm sure the list goes on and on. more tipz

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Parents:      How many times have you heard your child say "Mom & Dad I Want to QUIT?" This can happen whether it's baseball, soccer, football, cheer-leading, dance, and yes even Martial Arts! As parents, we try to get our children involved and exposed to as many activities as possible. It's good to have our children involved in traditional activities; it teaches team spirit and helps them to have some form of a release in otherwise pent up energy. In some sports your child will excel better than others, and in some sports your child will flat out want to quit. At Park's Martial Arts, we hear so many parents who tell us that "my child tried this and that sport and always winds up quitting!" Even in Martial Arts, when your child reaches a certain belt level, they may go through the same scenario of wanting to quit. more tipz

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maintaining your martial arts school is a must...paint your school once or twice per year, always keep your restrooms clean (major turn off for customers), throw away those old ghetto pads with duct tape, get new mats on your training floor (if you're still using carpet, you're lost in the sauce), get rid of those electrical tapes and use on your student belts, and finally invest in yourself..go on vacation, train with other martial artists, learn how to constantly improve your student's experience in your martial arts school. Best of LUCK!  more tipz